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Based in Minneapolis, I'm a freelance journalist with previous experience as a newspaper and magazine editor. I've also worked in corporate communications and public relations.



Recent Work

The Winter that Wasn't

Tourism, recreation and retail businesses cope with a mostly snowless season

Big Bucks for Blatnik Bridge?

This month marks 62 years since the Blatnik Bridge opened for traffic, replacing the Interstate Bridge to link Duluth and Superior.

College Hockey News
'So, We Start Again'

Minnesota is coming off a crushing title game loss. How it recovers from that, and all the offseason signings, will determine its 2024 fate.

Lake Superior Magazine
Steaming Hot Trend

Saunas Culture in the Big Lake Neighborhood

Minnesota Good Age
Duluth From Above

You know about Duluth. The natural wonder of Lake Superior. The bustling charm of Canal Park. The beauty of the Lakewalk. The iconic silhouette of the Aerial Lift Bridge.

The Phoenix Spirit
Shallow Slogans or Deep Wisdom?

A closer look at 10 common phrases used in recovery Addicts and alkies are often skeptical about the brief, pithy sayings we throw around in 12-step programs. The slogans seem to dilute the complicated issues of recovery down to stock, almost clichéd phrases.

The Phoenix Spirit
The Promise of The Promises: Our Rewards for a Sober Life

The reward for living a good, clean, and sober life is...a good, clean, and sober life. I read that in a recent article in the Grapevine, AA's monthly magazine, and it really resonated with me. Simple yet wise.

On the Rebound: Meetings, Events Sector Makes a Comeback

The area's meetings and events industry continues to recover from shutdowns, cancellations and other setbacks caused by the pandemic over the past two-plus years. Leisure travel or tourism has rebounded especially strong, while business travel has been slower to recover.

Protolabs: Blog Post
On-Demand Manufacturing Supports Medical Device Development

The U.S. population is aging, led by the growing number of baby boomers who are moving into their 60s, 70s, and 80s. In fact, by 2030, all baby boomers will be 65 or older. This rising senior population means more business for the country’s medical device manufacturers. It already has been a key driver in the industry’s growth.

Protolabs: Blog Post
City Buses Chart New Course to Join EV Revolution

Within the public transit fleet sector, transit buses seem especially suited to deploying EVs. Unlike cars, there's less range anxiety because these vehicles are driven along fixed or set city routes all day and then return to garages at night for charging.

How Golf Can Balance the 'Dimmer Switch' of Dementia for Many Seniors

Helen*, 78, is one of more than 46 million people worldwide who live with dementia -a number that exceeds the entire population of Spain and is expected to increase to 131.5 million by 2050. "Dementia is not an on-off switch. It's a dimmer switch," said Helen's son, Matt*. *(Last names omitted to retain privacy).

News/Features: BusinessNorth

Mining Leader Looks Ahead

At the annual Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Economic Summit, Cleveland Cliffs’ Lourenco Goncalves discussed the mining industry’s future, Hibtac’s fate and the greatest disappointment of his career.

Banking on Technology

Have you been inside your bank's lobby lately? No? Well, neither has anyone else. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but, you get the idea. The pandemic kept people out of bank offices and branches, but even in the months since banks have re-opened for in-person services, the increasing use and popularity of online and mobile banking have changed the financial sector's landscape to make those bank lobbies as quiet as libraries.

Investing in Partnerships

In the investment and finance sector, some private capital firms are passive investors, mostly serving as financial resources for those companies they fund. Other firms are active players, bringing operational expertise and adding value to companies they support. A growing private capital group on the far northern border of Minnesota fits firmly in the latter category.

Big Data Transform Logistics, Supply Chain Management

Remember when we took supply chains for granted? Then came the pandemic. The frenzied run on toilet paper. The giant container ship blocking the Suez Canal. The flotilla of ships waiting to unload off the port of Long Beach. The on-going shortage of long-haul truck drivers.

Duluth Pack Breaks New Trail

Dave Zentner still uses a weathered, olive-drab #2 Duluth Pack he bought in the 1960s that hangs from the rafters in his garage. The long-time Duluth angler, hunter and outdoor adventurer said the oversize, canoe-pack model has been with him through countless Boundary Waters portages, fly-fishing trips to local and far-flung streams, and duck hunting outings to western prairies and backwater hideaways.

Miner's Inc. is Major Force In Region's Grocery Store Business

In the early 1940s, Tony and Ida Miner ran Tony's Place, a small tavern on Highway 2 in Grand Rapids. At one point, they noticed a trend: Some bar patrons were leaving a little early to go and pick up milk, bread and eggs on their way home before the grocery stores closed.

Corporate Communications

Protolabs: Blog Post
Innovation Fuels Renewable Energy's Growth Surge

Let's start with some numbers. The global renewable energy market was valued at $881.70 billion last year. It is expected to nearly double that by 2030, rising at an annual growth rate of 8.50 % from 2021-2030, according to a recent market research report.

Protolabs: Case Study
Metal 3D Printing Enables Small Startup to Develop Large Innovation

The geothermal industry is hot and getting hotter-literally. Think of the industry in two pieces, old and new geothermal. Old geothermal has been around for more than 100 years and takes advantage of naturally occurring steam coming out of shallow ground. Pressurized steam through turbines produces electrical current.

Protolabs: Case Study
Corindus Never Skips a Beat with On-Demand Manufacturing

For Corindus, a Siemens Healthineers Company, bringing advanced robotic technology to market for certain interventional medical procedures was a journey that included navigating design and development challenges and procuring key supply chain help from our on-demand manufacturing services. The Waltham, Mass.-based medical device company was founded in 2002.

Protolabs: Blog Post
3D Printing Has a Glamorous New Dimension: High Fashion

The promise of 3D printing continues to make headlines, this time in the world of high fashion. Industrial-grade 3D printing (additive manufacturing) made its couture debut on Monday (May 6) when four gowns and a head-dress featuring 3D-printed elements and structures were unveiled at the Met Gala.

Protolabs: White Paper
Charging Toward an Electric (Vehicle) Future

A striking factor in GM's major investment in an all-electric future isn't only the large dollar amount-it's the timing. GM's foot is firmly on the accelerator toward an EV future. "We are making these investments so we can move faster and grow in ways that deliver value to our shareholders and our stakeholders," GM Chair and CEO Mary Barra said recently.

Protolabs: Blog Post
Winter Olympics Tech Includes Robots, Wearables, and Open Internet

Every two years, the Olympic Games provide a chance to show off athletic prowess. It has also become a way for countries to show off their technological advancement. The 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing are no exception. China will show off high-end tech in support of various operations and activities during the event.

Protolabs: Case Study
Lockheed Martin's Small Drone with a Big Spirit

Protolabs' injection molding service is now used for both prototyping and low-volume production for the Indago 2, the latest version of Lockheed Martin's quadcopter drone.

Protolabs: Case Study
Helping Medtech Firm's Goal to Improve Patient Outcomes

As often happens in the medical industry, innovative ideas, hatched in university research settings, spawn innovative companies, which create innovative products. A case in point: HemoSonics . The Charlottesville, Virginia-based medical device company was started in 2005 by two professors and a post-doctoral research student at the University of Virginia School of Medicine's Bio-Medical Engineering program -Bill Walker, Mike Lawrence, and Francesco Viola respectively.

News/Features: General

Lake Superior Magazine
Urban Creeks and Streams

Growing up on Duluth’s East Hillside, I lived two blocks west of Chester Creek, a natural playground that left lasting memories: Exploring the woods. Hiking the steep trails along the banks. Climbing on the rugged rock outcroppings and cliffs, the only sounds the rippling water and the wind in the trees.

Sports Legends Offer Perspectives on Aging, Keeping Active

As a caregiver, you know that sometimes seniors find comfort in hearing from others who are also contending with the challenges of advancing age. And while celebrities are often highlighted for their perspective on this topic, many sports legends also have a few things to say about aging and the challenge of keeping fit and active as one ages.

8 Ways Men Can Better Care for a Woman With Breast Cancer

Navigating the world after being diagnosed with breast cancer can be challenging, frightening and overwhelming. And if you’re a man supporting and caring for a woman with breast cancer, you’re also facing unknown and uncertain terrain as you confront your own fears.

Estate Planning But Can't Afford an Attorney? Options Abound, But Be Cautious

Estate planning for seniors and caregivers who are helping them can be complicated. Add to that the cost of consulting with a lawyer to create such a plan, and the process becomes even trickier to navigate. As a result, those who feel they can't afford an attorney for estate planning assistance seek other options.

Are Respite Care Services Covered by Medicare?

Sometimes numbers tell the story best. Each year, more than 53 million family caregivers provide the majority of support that makes it possible for older people and people with disabilities to live in the community. And that caregiving can be both tremendously rewarding but also stressful and physically and emotionally exhausting.

Why Now is the Best Time to Do Those Aging-in-Place Home Projects

Older adults' housing assets are growing like never before. In fact, homeowners 62 and older saw their housing wealth rise by 4.91% (or $520 billion) in the first quarter of 2022 to a record $11.12 trillion from Q4 2021, according to the latest quarterly release of the National Reverse Lenders Association/RiskSpan Reverse Mortgage Market Index.

How To Help an Older Adult Leave a Financial Legacy

Caregivers can help senior loved ones leave a financial legacy by helping them: Review assets and determine estate size. Consider Medicaid implications. Gather documents. Create a file or folder to keep all important paperwork together. Make sure you have access to all passwords and secondary verification information.

College Hockey News
St. Thomas Navigates Move to D-I

For decades, college hockey fans in Minnesota had only two D-I teams to follow, the Minnesota Gophers and Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs. Then, in the late 1980s, hockey icon Herb Brooks helped St.

Eden Prairie Local News
New EP Church is First Ecumenical Catholic Community in Minnesota - Eden Prairie Local News

A new church is slowly taking shape in Eden Prairie. It features many of the traditional elements of the Roman Catholic denomination. Still, it includes some striking differences, including being led by a woman priest. However, before you start thinking this is some spinoff, dissent movement within the existing Roman Catholic church, think again.
Let's Go: A '70s rock tribute

The expression "the devil is in the details" means paying attention to specifics and getting the job done right. That concept fits for two local tribute bands who pay homage to two iconic rock groups of the 1970s: Steely Dan and Fleetwood Mac.